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Not all catalog data is created equal. PSS data is complete with images, clean titles, detailed descriptions, attributes, & fitment for over 650,000 sku’s and growing. New products are updated and applied to the PSS application quickly so you’re never missing out on the newest and hottest products. PSS has complete catalog data from the top distributors like Parts Unlimited, WPS, Tucker Rocky, & more.

fa-cog Listing Tool

We know you have options when it comes to a marketplace listing tool and we’ve used them. PSS has combined the power of several top listing tools to provide you with the ultimate experience. Only our listing tool comes with powersports catalog data and integration with each distributor for real time inventory updates. All this for no additional costs, no long term contracts, and PSS doesn’t take a percentage of sales! Additionally, our dealers don’t have eBay listing fees!

fa-sitemap Custom Websites

We want you to harness the power of the PSS catalog data, pricing, and inventory rules. Studies have proven that a custom website can greatly improve profitability by driving more traffic, increasing conversions and customer loyalty. The Powersports industry has been dominated by cookie cutter templates that don’t allow any customization. PSS can provide API access to Magento, Big Commerce, and more!


Powersports Support is the complete e-commerce solution for today’s powersports dealer.

Our Technology

Been there.. Done that.

Customers love to license our catalog data. Our 15 years’ experience of being in your shoes inspired us to build a cloud based technology that allows you the seller to maximize your reach on the internet by combining high quality websites while simultaneously reaching customers through Amazon and eBay. At your fingertips, you’ll enjoy twice daily inventory, price, and lead time updates. The ability to reach this many customers from one centralized dashboard saves you both time and money, so you can grow your business rapidly.

Marketplace Listing Tool

Because experience matters.

PSS has teamed up with eBay to provide our dealers with the ultimate eBay experience. This includes removing any current listing limits on your account. When you move your account to a “eBay managed” account, you’ll enjoy ZERO INSERTION FEES. Hundreds of client conversations over the years gave us the research and development edge you need to make the most of your online eBay experience. Get free eBay Anchor Store, a $199 value. Access to the PSS ASIN Matching queue.


Make your life easier.

PSS has partnered with ShipWorks to help process shipments. PSS will pull orders in from eBay, Amazon and your webstore and push them to your ShipWorks software. ShipWorks will integrate with your existing UPS, FedEx, DHL and other shipping accounts to keep your discount structure in place. You can easily look up customers by name, order number etc. Simply choose the method to ship the order and process. ShipWorks will print you a label, send PSS the tracking and you are done. PSS will push out the tracking to each marketplace for you, so both the customer and the marketplace are informed of the shipment. ShipWorks starts at $14.95 a month with a maximum price of $49.95. Instead of buying a separate license for one of your sales channels, PSS will manage all your orders from all your channels under one license.

Price Management

  • Manage brands by price rules
  • MSRP automatically provided
  • Pricing updates twice a day
  • Price override by SKU
  • Upload your price/cost via CSV

Catalog Data

  • Search over 550K of products
  • Multiple search filters
  • View inventory, lead time, price
  • Quickly push to Marketplaces
  • Search by distributor catalogs

Inventory Management

  • Warehouse based inventory
  • Price based dropship rules
  • Lead times by warehouse
  • Quantity buffers
  • Avoid overselling products

See how Powersports Support can transform your business.

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PRICING & services
PRICE $1150/month $750/month $500/month $1000/month $750/month $500/month $3000/month
Setup Fee $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $1000
Amazon Listing Limits Unlimited 50,000 N/A N/A N/A Unlimited N/A
Ebay Listing Limits Unlimited 1,000 N/A N/A Unlimited N/A N/A
Automated Inventory Updates Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automated Pricing Updates Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Amazon ASIN Matching Yes Yes N/A N/A N/A Yes No
Ebay EPID Matching Yes Yes N/A N/A Yes Yes No
Basic Webstore No No Yes N/A No No N/A
Unified Order Management Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Catalog Data Access Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Magento Data Feed (Add-On) $950/month $950/month N/A Included $950/month $950/month N/A
Custom Product Uploader (Add-On) $199/month $199/month N/A $199/month $199/month $199/month Included
Contract Term Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Montly 1-Year with 6 months paid upfront
Ebay VIP (Zero Insertion Fee) Included Included N/A N/A Included N/A N/A

See how “PSS VIP” can help cover your monthly eBay Fees!

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