Our Mission

Our Mission

PSS will allow you to save time and money throughout your entire business.  If you are selling online already you are probably paying for a shopping cart.  What do you get with the shopping cart? Just the ability to take orders, that is about it. You are still responsible for gathering product information: images, descriptions, fitment etc.  We are offering over 300k SKUs from the top distributors pre-loaded ready to go, with monthly updates.  To format this many products to display in your shopping cart will take hundreds of hours, probably more.  You will also find it is difficult to have true fitment display properly on standard carts.  Once you start displaying this many products your traditional carts will charge more for hosting fees.

If you are currently paying an employee to manage catalogs from your distributors you know how much time and money goes into this.  PSS does all of this for you.  Along with your website you will also have to have someone managing your ebay listings and amazon listings.  Selling on eBay can be a full time job for someone to generate and manage your listings.  PSS can do all of this for you.  With a few simple clicks you can put products from our existing catalog right onto eBay.  Then when orders come in you can manage from one central location.  Our live inventory will monitor inventory levels from both your location and the distributors to keep your eBay listing current and avoid overselling.  Amazon is an extremely powerful selling tool and is often too difficult for most dealers to sell effectively on.  PSS will push as many products as you desire into the Amazon marketplace.  Again orders will be handled from a single location and inventory quantity updates will insure accurate listings and timely delivery.

Traditionally when selling across 3 different channels you would have to access each channel to manage customers, orders, shipping, payments etc.  PSS has centralized all of this for you.  From one location you can easily manage all your orders.  Shipping the orders provided another set of problems.  After you shipped the order you would have to update the information in each channel.  PSS integrates smoothly with ShipWorks to manage orders from all of your customers and automatically provide tracking.  You can ship from UPS, USPS, and FedEx all from the same piece of software.

Examples of cost savings:

Catalog management

If a person can format 500 SKUs a day it would take over 2 years to display as many products as we offer.  Plus new products are constantly coming out, we handle all of this for you and automatically add products monthly as needed.


PSS can post your products on eBay with variations.  We combine attributes for your products so a single listing can accommodate multiple color, size etc.  For a single helmet with 3 colors and 6 sizes you could have 18 separate listings and pay 18 listing fees, or allow PSS to list all of them in one listing for one fee.


If you have attempted to, or are already selling on amazon you are aware of how complex it can get.  From inserting your products to managing inventory quantities you can spend a few hours each day, not to mention the time spent to process and ship the orders.  PSS can insert as many products as you want, streamline the order process and help ship products with tracking automatically sent.

It is easy to see how many hours can be saved from your payroll each month.