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eBay Monthly Fee Savings Calculator

eBay VIP is an opt-in feature that requires approval from eBay Corporate. Benefits include the following for all PSS dealers that have an eBay seller rating of “standard” or higher. Power Sellers still keep their discounts!

  • Free Anchor Store ($350/mo savings)
  • Zero Insertion Fees (Unlimited listings)
  • Free Subtitles (Unlimited listings)
  • Account Manager at eBay

Enter Your Projected Usage

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Projected Monthly Savings Prices may vary and are subject to change

Store Tiers Store Fee Insertion Fees Free Insertions/Month Projected Cost/Month Projected Cost w/ Subtitles
Basic $19.99/Month $0.20/Month First 50/Month
Premium $49.99/Month $0.10/Listing First 250/Month
Anchor $350.00/Month $0.05/Listing First 2500/Month
PSS VIP* $0.00/Month $0.00/Listing Unlimited

*PSS VIP receives all of the benefits of an Ebay Anchor store PLUS those listed below in the PSS VIP Benefits section.

PSS VIP Cost Comparison

Ebay Direct PSS VIP
Anchor Store $350.00/Month $0.00/Month
Insertion Fees $0.05/Listing $0.00/Listing
Subtitle Fees $1.50/Listing $0.00/Listing
Ebay Account Management Not Available $0.00/Month
Ebay Merchant Support Not Available $0.00/Month