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Claim over $500,000 to $1,000,000 of hidden Sales in your Business!

Our Inventory Management System is a breakthrough web platform that will help you tap into revenues from over 350,000 products that your prospects want and need. Now you can drop the hook where all the fish are jumping, try it and see for yourself (click for demo now) You can view a demo of what the basic-level storefront looks like here.

It’s a snap 123, no heavy lifting—you don’t need to be the web guy, we’ve got it handled—images, shopping cart, it’s plug and play.


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  • Automated Inventory & Price Updates
  • 350k Pre-Loaded SKUs
  • Immediate Amazon & Ebay Integration


With Automated Inventory, Price Updates, the Pre-Loaded SKU’s, and Amazon/Ebay Immigration, I can see a clear way forward to growing my business with this field tested online performance package. It’s a super vitamin for profits all in one swoop, thanks PSS for your help. All I do now is sell and generate orders, no product management headaches.

Jay Garrison – New Orleans, LA



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Pre-Recorded Webinar Series

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Pricing & Inventory Rules

Right at your fingertips, you’ve got inventory levels for each of the distributors warehouses daily, and a turbo-like platform to boost the products you stock on your shelves too, with price info daily too, you’d know when a product goes on closeout same day.


Storefront Demo

You can view a demo of what the basic-level storefront looks like here.

Please note that not all features will be available for the demo. This is to give you an idea of what the basic site looks like with no customization.