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Like in racing and all competition, it takes an experienced team to win online.

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With over 16 years of combined powersports and software solutions experience, the team at PSS offers a unique understanding of our incredible industry and its data needs. We are riders, racers, and gear enthusiasts. We’ve been in the parts game, racing game, and technology game since the early days of ecommerce. Most of all, we’ve created a culture where everything we do is focused on helping you win the online sales game. All that and we’re friendly, honest, and passionate about your business. Sure, there are other data solutions out there. But there’s only one Powersports Support.

The typical retailer probably has data entry staff creating product listings for websites, eBay and Amazon. Once listings are created, there’s someone else who monitors inventory and pricing. When orders start arriving, they need to be processed from multiple channels and fulfilled, adding another person on the payroll.  After it all adds up, the overhead of maintaining a few thousand products can be very costly. PSS knows this and is here to save you real money.

Cataloging the data for aftermarket parts has been a burden from the beginning. Trying to source the material, images, descriptions, etc. burns up time and money. Once you have the data you need, you face formatting them in multiple ways to make listings work across multiple channels. The PSS team did this for a variety of retail companies in the past. This experience led us to create a one-stop shop for all of this information. From a single portal, you have access to the most extensive database of your products formatted for all major sales channels.

Avoiding out-of-stock and over-selling products have plagued online selling for years. Angry customers don’t receive what they want. Sellers get kicked off of Amazon and eBay for cancellations. No one is happy. That’s why an updated inventory is crucial to a successful business. With our specialized set of Inventory Rules for distributors, you maintain accurate inventories across your sales channels and leverage out-of-state warehouses to help drop ship products directly to your customers. Along with inventory updates, PSS also helps manage pricing. With a series of Price Rules to control entire brands and Overrides for specific products, you can dial in your pricing for all your sales channels in one interface.

Most aftermarket retailers hit a big wall when it comes to fitment information. Some shopping carts don’t have the ability to display fitment data even if you can gather it in a usable format. Then how do you get it on eBay? PSS partners with both eBay and AspDotNetStorefront to provide fitment information on your website and on your eBay listings. You can quickly send products with all their attributes and fitment data to your website to consolidate many different SKUs into a single page to optimize organic and paid search conversion rates.

Instead of looking at other products that offer unnecessary bells or whistles that may work in other industries, stick with the guys that know what works for online selling. Our strategic partnerships provide you with all the products and access you need to grow your business.

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With PSS, powersports businesses large and small save thousands of dollars each month by eliminating wasted payroll, MAP violations, and payments to third-party developers.

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