You can become a (eBay) VIP with Powersports Support | Powersports Support

You can become a (eBay) VIP with Powersports Support

PSS has a history of partnering with industry companies that have added substantial value for their customers, but there are those few that are as important for a customer’s growth as the eBay VIP program. This program is special, and it’s designed simply to help your dealer business succeed. This is perfect for those dealers that are looking to grow their revenue and build their brand. The savings are big, and the program makes every part of the selling process on eBay painless. It also allows you to save big on all of your listings. 

Let me share all of the benefits made available to you though this program. 

You are provided with a Free Anchor Store, this benefit has a substantial savings to you, up to $350.00 per month. Another benefit is a zero-insertion fee with all listings. You also receive free subtitles that will help your listings stand out in all search results. You will also receive the personal touch of eBay management support. All of these benefits not only help increase sales and visibility, but they save thousands of dollars each year. eBay VIP will allow you to get your data to eBay listings fast and without issue. 

PSS also provides a monthly fee savings calculator on their website so you can see the savings and give you a cost comparison with eBay direct. You simply enter your projected usage and it will immediately calculate your monthly savings. 

My advice to all powersport dealers would be, if you’re looking to increase your potential reach, automate your part uploads, avoid frustrating stockouts associated with overselling, and substantially decrease your returns, contact Powersports Support to find out more about the eBay VIP Program. Please contact them at 800-633-4374, or go to their website ( to schedule a demo.

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