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The Power of Immediate Customer Feedback

The Power of Immediate Customer Feedback

Powersports Support adds yet another solution to help you drive your business with TruRating. TruRating is the only solution that provides real-time insights for your business. It is more important than ever to get reliable feedback that represents the majority of how your customers really feel. You will receive feedback at point of payment for both in-store and online. Operating TruRating is very easy, once you’ve created an account online or on your payment device, you can start collecting customer feedback immediately. We also provide your business with a detailed dashboard and weekly reports that give you relevant insights.

TruRating was started by a former Attorney back in 2014. An opportunity was seen helping businesses to get better insights by giving a voice to the group of customers who normally would never give reviews. The results have been much more than impressive. TruRating currently produces an industry leading 88% response rate.

So, how is this accomplished? TruRating engages your customers by simply asking them to rate any part of the experience as they pay. So, whether it is in-store or online, they are asked to answer one quick question with a push score between 0-9. The objective is to make it an easy interaction with the customer by only asking one question per transaction. But, while only one question is asked, there are five rotating questions that help to drive your score and set success benchmarks. You can customize TruRating with any questions that best represent your business.

Powersports support chose this valuable offering for their clients because they know the importance of improving the customer experience. The ability to accurately measure your performance will allow you to immediately gauge and assess your customer’s journey. Powersports support believes that all customers should have access to this level of instant feedback.

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