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Not Your Average Product Information Management

The PSS PIM tool is something truly unique. Where other Product Information Management systems have similar features, they still aren’t designed specifically for the powersports industry. They may have the same cloud-based capabilities, but if you’re using a “general” PIM for your powersports business, some areas of your system will still be lacking.

Our PIM tool has been built from the ground up for use in automotive and powersports companies. That means that the form fields, organization, terms, menus, and everything else are specific to the terms you recognize and the information you need to present.

Using a general purpose PIM requires companies in our industries to make concessions or find workarounds. That could mean adding notes to flesh out important information, using fields for unintended purposes, and so on. For the distributors and retailers receiving this information, these concessions translate directly into complications – which is exactly what a PIM system is supposed to solve!

Using a PIM system is meant to streamline and improve accuracy of product data. There isn’t, however, a “one size fits all” solution that works for every industry. When the system isn’t engineered specifically for the products its managing, people end up making shortcuts and bending the system to work in ways it isn’t necessarily designed to.

For example, the PSS PIM tool presents data with the automotive industries standards ACES and PIES, which means that it works immediately with other powersports industry software, makes searches easy, and allows professionals to use the language they’re already familiar with.

Other PIM tools – whether designed for other industries or as an “all purpose” solution – don’t have these benefits. If you aren’t inputting and presenting your fitment data in ways that comply with industry standards (and make other people’s jobs easier), what’s the point? If it’s creating hassles and confusion for your businessĀ andĀ the people you’re distributing data to, it’s scarcely more effective than the clunky spreadsheets and Dropbox links that PIM tools are intended to replace.

We’ve put a ton of effort into building a tool that meets the needs of our unique industry, all the way down to the small details that matter most.

For questions about how the PSS PIM tool can help your business, other associated benefits, or anything else, feel free to contact us and start a conversation!

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