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Understanding PIM, ACES, and PIES (and How They Work Together)

PSS is now offering a Project Information Management (PIM) tool for the automotive and powersports industries. One of the major upsides of this tool is its industry specificity, specifically through integration with ACES and PIES…

To fully understand this benefit, though, let’s dig a little deeper into what these acronyms actually mean – and why they’re so important for successfully tracking and sharing your company’s fitment data.


The Aftermarket Catalog Exchange Standard (ACES) is a standardization practice for use with automotive parts, vehicle attributes, classifications, qualifier statements, and so on. Essentially, it is standard way of formatting and cataloguing automotive data to reduce errors, help businesses communicate efficiently, and allow for more sophisticated, larger scale database management.

ACES drives the standard for Year/Make/Model searches.


Similarly, the Product Information Exchange Standard (PIES) is a method of standardization for aftermarket product information, including brand ID, description, price, dimensions, weight, and so on.

This information also allows for better informed sales teams, sophisticated databasing, and easy communication among suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, and all involved parties.


Both of these standardization systems help keep pricing even across different providers, and allow both customers and sales staff to easily access the information they need to make smart buying decisions. Following these models stops the confusion of mismatched or missing information, and ensures that brands are distributing accurate information across the board.

The PSS PIM tool integrates with PIES and ACES, which means that your cloud-based fitment data is distributed and maintained with all partners (your network and ours) using the most up-to-date industries standards. PIM is what shares and updates the information, but ACES and PIES are the formats that make the data most useful.

Even with PIM tools in place (or other similar methods of data distribution), failing to conform to these industry standards can create confusion for anyone selling your products, trying to service your vehicles, or simply find the relevant information to know what other aftermarket products are compatible with yours. ACES and PIES mean that everyone is using the same type of information, and that people at every stage of the process are speaking the same language.

Our PIM tool goes a step further, ensuring that this ready-to-use information is immediately available to all of your partners, distributors, retailers, etc. at once, updated centrally and accurate across all instances.

These three things – PIM, PIES, and ACES – make for a powerful system that directly benefits, you, your company, your customers, and very person in between.

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