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You Have A Data Problem – PSS Can Fix It

This is not an attack on your brand. Many, many companies in the powersports industry make incredible products, have teams of bright, enthusiastic people that achieve incredible things. Riders and staff members alike come together to push boundaries, come up with new ideas, and constantly refine the gear that helps define the culture surrounding our industry…

However, the fact remains that many, many of the companies out there – even some of the biggest and most successful – have a serious data problem.

It boils down to a technological problem. While brands might have perfectly accurate data about product specs, parts, compatibility, and so on – they often don’t have a standardized (or convenient) way to share it with distributors and retailers.

That information, though (from fitment data to small changes in parts compatibility), is critical for the people who actually get your products into the hands of customers. Your data is what allows them to recommend the right products, find the right sizes, make accurate comparisons, and know enough about what you offer to make educated decisions on behalf of their clientele.

Far too many powersports companies are sharing their essential data by way of Dropbox links, Google spreadsheets, and other unstandardized, error-prone methods. This is a major issue that causes confusion and hinders sales.

The good news is that PSS can help!

Our new PIM (Project Information Management) tool removes the need for manual data sharing with a cloud-based solution. Your data is centralized and standardized, and distributed to your retailers and distributors, as well as our network!

You can use our tool to solve your data problem, and by doing so, give the people who handle your products the information they need to be experts on your brand! With so much of the distribution and retail world operating online, typically with cloud-based POS systems, inventory management, and so much more, it only makes sense to share your fitment data in the same way.

This is both simpler and more effective, and with the technology available, there’s no reason to let this common data problem persist. You’ll be doing your business – and all of the other companies you work with – a favor, and likely generating more sales too!

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