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How PSS PIM Opens New Markets

In our last post, we looked at how PIM tools can make a world of difference for powersports and automotive brands. The tool helps ensure accuracy, of course, and lends itself to better customer service… But that’s not all.

The PSS PIM tool goes a step further to help bring your valuable fitment data to a wider range of vendors and distributors – all while providing them with that same critical data your existing markets receive.

Expanding your market network with PIM happens in a few ways.

First, it can happen organically. PIM tools make your data easier to work with, and that helps build relationships with vendors, distributors, and retails. In our relatively small industry, this word of mouth can help connect you with new markets – and a powerful PIM tool can make working with your brand more enticing.

Next, using the PSS PIM tool connects your company to our nationwide network, which means you can immediately start selling products through the PSS retail network with no additional legwork.

Online sales become easier and smoother, and your reach grows into areas you may have overlooked. The PSS network already boasts products from over 2,000 brands – which means that all of our retailers and distributors are tapped into the range of offerings, and are always looking for new items to share with with customers.

Last, but certainly not least, companies that subscribe to our PIM system also receive a custom-built e-commerce website that allows you to dive right into online sales. This site can be standalone, or work within your existing online presence. The point is to use the rich data provided by the PIM system up and running, and use it to inform potential customers.

Now, it’s important to mention that this system is no designed to replace your current distribution model or disrupt the relationships you’ve built. In fact, our intent is quite the opposite!

This system integrates into the work you’re already doing, expands your distribution relationships without preventing you from doing the business you’re already doing, and actually serves to improve the way you communicate and share data with your existing network.

We’d love to discuss the possibilities of our PIM tool for your company, and help you reach new heights with a broader network and more manageable, consistent data. Feel free to contact us at any time!

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