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Better Data: Using PIM Instead of Google Drive and Dropbox

Too many powersports brands have a serious data problem.

They’re formatting and distributing their critical fitment data with tools like Google Drive, Dropbox, or simple spreadsheets – which are great tools on their own, but hardly the best way to provide information to vendors, retailers, and so on.

Individually shared files can contain conflicting information… Formatting can be inconsistent and difficult to deal with… And worse, rough spots in data can hurt relationships with vendors, mislead potential customers, and cause trouble when people are looking for upgrades, accessories, or replacement parts.

Good fitment data helps salespeople, ensures publication accuracy, helps vendors manage inventory, and keeps everyone in the loop about product updates and changes.

So, how can you get solid, accurate data to vendors, retailers, and distributors?

Product Information Management (PIM) is the solution you need! Like CRM and ERP tools, PIM centralizes your information into a cloud database, and distributes it to a network of vendors.

This means that the exact same data goes to every person or company that needs access, and that an update in one place applies to everywhere the data can be seen. The information can integrate with other systems, and meets the standards of ACES (Aftermarket Catalog Exchange Standard) and PIES (Product Information Exchange Standard).

For even greater accuracy and ease of use, Powersports Support has developed a PIM tool specific to our industry! Our system is built for powersports and automotive data, and connects with vendors across the country. Brands that use our PIM tool also gain access to our trusted network of retailers and distributors.

Instead of clunky shared documents through Dropbox or Google Drive, the PSS PIM system streamlines the entire data sharing process, from vehicles and parts to accessories and upgrades (and everything in between). Your products are listed using industry best practices, and maintained in a format that all vendors will be happy to use.

For a nominal fee of $40 per month, the PSS PIM tool positions your brand as more reliable and easier to sell, building stronger relationships with vendors and creating happy customers.

When you fitment data is searchable, accurate across all instances, easily updated, and readily available to vendors nationwide, everybody wins!

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