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Big News From AJE Motorsports and Gas Monkey Energy

In a recent announcement from AJE Motorsports, Gas Monkey Energy has been named the official title sponsor for the 2019 racing season. The energy drink is inspired by celebrity car builder and Gas Monkey Garage owner Richard Rawlings, making him something of a de facto spokesman for the team.

The name recognition of both Rawlings and the Gas Monkey brand will draw further attention to the AJE team, and increase the overall visibility of the riders, and in turn, the AJE team will help bring Gas Monkey Energy to a new audience in the Supercross world.

The announcement also included that Husqavarna will be providing additional support to AJE in the 2019 season, and perhaps most exciting of all, that Chris Blose will be filling out the second spot on the team roster alongside Justin Starling. The new roster’s first race will be the 2018 Monster Energy Cup.

Both Richard Rawlings of Gas Monkey Energy and Tony Eyrich, founder of AJE Motorsports, are looking forward to their future working together.

Tony said, “We knew Gas Monkey Energy was the perfect partner for our team when we first broke into the Supercross scene last year making a “fast and loud” impression. Both brands are committed to high performance and making a name for themselves in their respective industries.”

Similarly, Rawlings spoke highly of the Supercross industry: “The fast-paced, high energy nature of this sport makes it the perfect fit for Gas Monkey Energy. We’re proud to be a part of this growing motorsport series and look forward to fueling the Supercross fans by sharing our passion and teaming up with AJE Motorsports”

While the details of the announcement only covered the 2019 season, the partnership between the Gas Monkey brand and AJE could last for years to come. With the right team taking home race wins, and the powerful combination of the AJE and Gas Monkey brands, all of the people involved are hopeful for a great year, and even greater years to come. This will certainly be a team to keep an eye on!