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Introducing: 2019 Yamaha YZ450FX

Build for some seriously rugged off roading, the new YZ450FX is the latest in Yamaha’s long line of cross country bikes. The 2019 model is a spin on last year’s YZ450F – a motocross build – with updates for distance, comfort, and navigating harsher terrain.

The features of the YZ450FX are staggering, with an engine that has been fully redesigned from the ground up. This 449cc power plant modifies Yamaha’s rearward-slant cylinder approach with a more vertical cylinder head to optimize weight distribution and work with the redesigned frame. Internally, new components include updated camshaft profiles, new crankshaft, revamped piston design, and a DLC (diamond-like carbon) coated piston pin.

Beyond just the motor, the brand new components continue!

The transmission and clutch have been overhauled, including a new outer pressure clutch plate, with revised gearing, lighter pull, and improved durability. The radiator has an increased core size, and has been adjusted for more air flow – improving the cooling capability throughout. To help with balance and centralized mass, the muffler is shorter. The electric start is smaller, and moved closer to the center of the bike.

The frame has also been revamped, all with the goal of more balance and improved rigidity. It has new upper frame bracing, rear frame spars, and engine mounts to create the right amount of stiffness without losing comfortable cornering.

Along with the frame redesign, the suspension of the YZ450FX has all new settings as well. The KYB SSS fork is still the standard, but with updated valves and larger pistons, as well as new fork lugs and axle brackets. The KYB shock is also updated with dampening settings.

The seat is lower and slimmer, the bodywork is updated for knee grip and handling. A state of the art fuel-injection system provides power for GNCC racing conditions. Adjustable handlebar mounts provide increased comfort and control for any rider, and the classic Team Yamaha Blue ensures you look great while you race!

The bike also integrates with the Yamaha Power Tuner App, available for both iOS and Android, that allows riders to collect detailed information about throttle position, rpm, coolant temperature, and more. The app also has the capability to change fuel and ignition mappings, log locations and course settings, and track time between servicing.

The 2019 Yamaha YZ450FX is truly state of the art, with updated and overhauled components from top to bottom. This is among the most advanced off road bikes ever built, lightweight and powerful, with adjustable parameters to tackle any course.