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A Brand New Norton Atlas Scrambler 650

Norton Motorcycles, a UK company with a history of racing bikes that dates all the way back to the early 1900s, has announced a brand new Atlas Scrambler for 2019. With plans to be unveiled at the 2018 NEC Bike Show (and sales beginning in early 2019), this new Scrambler is already making waves!

At the core of this awesome bike is a 650cc parallel twin motor, which is essentially just half of Norton’s most recent 1200cc model. The powerhouse will offer 70 to 100bhp, depending on the model, and even a supercharged model capable of 175bhp.

The design of the modern Scrambler is an homage to the original Atlas Scramblers of the mid 60s, but it’s not entirely a vintage throwback. Instead, it pulls from the classic stylings – like spoked wheels, circular headlamp, and a small windscreen – but with plenty of modern aesthetic to appeal to riders of all kinds.

The 2019 Atlas will feature a newly designed tubular steel frame, front and back Brembo disc brakes, and standard ABS. The high-mount muffler provides increased clearance, and the final version of the bike will be available in a “high variant” suited for off road, as well as a “low variant” built for street riding.

While artist renderings and 3D models are all the public has seen, and the bike to be unveiled at NEC will be a prototype, Norton is already expecting a positive response to this new addition to their lineup, the first 650 they’ve built since the original Scramblers. With a price tag around £10,000 ($13,000 US) for the street model, and slightly more for the higher-end off road model, Norton also stands to be a big contender in this section of the market.

Norton’s Head of Design, Simon Skinner, says: “It was always planned to be a sub-£10k motorcycle. And that is still the plan. If we want to grow our volumes we have to be at that price point. It’s a game-changer for us.”

For over a century, Norton has been building cutting edge motorcycles that win races, set records, set standards, and continually push the frontiers of design and engineering. This bike will be another achievement in their long legacy. Keep an eye out for NEC announcements and the official unveiling of the 2019 Atlas Scrambler!