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95 Years of The Laconia Motorcycle Fest

2018 marked the 95th anniversary of the “World’s Oldest Motorcycle Rally,” the Laconia Motorcycle Week!

Dating back to a gathering in 1916, and officially recognized by the AMA in 1923, Laconia Motorcycle Week has grown into an annual event that brings more than 200,000 people to Laconia, New Hampshire for a range of events, music, food, and of course, motorcycles!

This year’s rally ran from from June 9th to 17th, and included everything from memorial rides to stunt shows, swap meets to races. Vendors and major brands are on location with product demos, local businesses offer special deals to riders, and live music is easily found at a variety of establishments.

Among the biggest draws to this rally are the guided Gypsy Tours that bring large groups of riders through scenic and historical parts of the cozy east coast town. Riders from all over the country flock to Laconia, making this town of approximately 16,000 people a city of motorcyclists and enthusiasts! The influx of people is a welcome boom for the local economy, and the residents of Laconia prepare for this huge event all year!

Attendees can stay in range of hotels, rent condos, find camping, or choose from an assortment of lodging options. The events allow riders to enjoy scenic beaches, shop with local and national vendors, admire bikes of all kinds – including several classes of antique and vintage-only rides – and connect with other riders from around the world!

As the event approaches its 100th anniversary, organizers are looking to the future, planning on an even broader range of events and vendors, as well as looking back on the traditions that have made Laconia Motorcycle Week such a popular event over the years.

Charlie St. Clair, the event’s executive director, said: “Laconia Motorcycle Week provides everything that makes a motorcycling event worthwhile-beautiful scenery, plenty of vendors, great entertainment and a welcoming community. Laconia is an important part of the AMA National Gypsy Tour, which includes 15 events this year.”

For those interested in attending in the coming years, future dates are as follows:

• 96th Anniversary: June 8th-16th, 2019
• 97th Anniversary: June 13th-21st, 2020
• 98th Anniversary: June 12th-20th, 2021
• 99th Anniversary: June 11th-19th, 2022
• 100th Anniversary: June 10th-18th, 2023

This huge event continues to exemplify the motorcycle rallies that bring people together, help the new generation learn about past traditions, and of course, highlight the incredible engineering, design, and power of motorcycles past and present.

This humongous event is a must for any fan of motorcycles and riding. Start planning for next year!