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Yamaha’s New Adventure Pro GPS – an Exploration Powerhouse

Yamaha has introduced a brand new accessory that already has people across the powersports and outdoor industries buzzing! The Adventure Pro GPS is state of the art, and runs on an Android-powered Magellan TRX7 tablet. The tablet is housed in a rugged, waterproof, and weather resistant case, and in addition to the installed Yamaha Adventure Pro software, users can install a variety of other apps – just like any other tablet!

Now, let’s get into what makes this particular GPS system so special…

Adventure Pro GPS has navigation and mapping, of course, but that’s just the beginning. Users can also enjoy online adventure planning and easy social sharing to all the major channels. It can be easily paired with a home computer for pre-planning, and comes preloaded with 115,000 OHV trails. This massive collection of trails will be constantly updated and expanded as part of Magellan’s giant network of off-road maps – and best of all, they can all be saved for offline use as people venture into areas without data or cell coverage.

The maps also feature off-road trail warnings, guidance tips, and more!

Designed for side-by-side (SxS) off-road vehicles (with select 2019 Yamaha models prewired for the device), the Adventure Pro can also be used for a range of other on and off-road applications. Users can transfer the device from vehicle to vehicle, keeping stored routes, previous rides, and even music ready to go with a touch. For the integrated Yamaha SxS models, the software will also track speed, RPM, trail time, and more – as well as engine check, overheat, and seatbelt warnings built in.

This powerful little device comes with a vehicle power adapter, quick start guide, USB cable, vehicle cradle, 4-pin CAN cradle, and a RAM mount. The 7-inch display is large enough to read trail data, and small enough to avoid becoming a distraction.

As a component of a new Yamaha SxS, the Adventure Pro is a great selling point that will have riders exploring with confidence. As an addition to any other off-road vehicle, it has the potential to expand the possibilities to so many new trails, more strategic planning, and social sharing to get more and more people involved!

Priced at $749, this powerful GPS system is leaps ahead of previously available models. For amateurs or seasoned veterans, this tool will change off-roading in a major way!