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MCE Insurance Withdraws from Ireland

As of March 2018, UK-based motorcycle insurer MCE is no longer doing business in the Republic of Ireland. This difficult decision is the result of ongoing difficulties with the UK government, namely stemming from the Brexit vote.

MCE representatives say that the changes in flexible passporting no longer allow them the Freedom of Services needed to properly serve their customers in Ireland, and that the only choice is withdraw. They say the UK government has failed to provide a clear transitional arrangement in the wake of Brexit, and that the forced withdrawal brings an end to a period of consistent growth and investment in the Republic of Ireland.

While it was a difficult to decision to make, MCE Chief Executive Julian Edwards made the call for the sake of their customers, saying that “to continue trading while facing into the unknown would be against our core values of professionalism and trust, and simply not fair to our valued Irish customers.”

The company’s policies will be effective through March of 2019, and MCE Insurance will continue process claims until this time, allowing already purchased policies to complete their yearly term. If possible, they will continue beyond the cutoff date if other claim solutions become available. MCE is dedicated to providing the best service to their customers, and will be working hard to find an ongoing solution for affected customers in Ireland.

Without transitional arrangements following Brexit, MCE has had to make a difficult choice. While it will affect business and many customers, it’s ultimately the right decision to maintain quality and reliability.