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Parts Unlimited: Drag Specialties Dealer Training Tour

Industry leaders Parts Unlimited and Drag Specialties are coming together over the course of 2018 to offer on-site dealer training for the newest and hottest products offered, and to bring together industry professionals for a fun, informative event.

The tour spans the United States, allowing dealers from across the country to interact with the people who know these products best. 2017 was the inaugural year for the Training Tour, and based on its success, the two companies decided to double down and make the events even better for 2018!

Interested dealers can contact their Parts Unlimited or Drag Specialties rep for more information about the events, and learn more about the training, new products, and other activities they can look forward to!

While the tour is already underway, there are plenty of dates left:

May 2018

8-Baltimore, MD

10-King of Prussia, PA

22-Marlborough, MA

24-Albany, NY

June 2018

5-Batavia, NY

7-Pittsburgh, PA

26-Louisville, KY

28-Chicago, IL

July 2018

10-Appleton, WI

12-Minneapolis, MN

24-Kansas City, MO

26-St. Louis, MO

September 2018

11-Nashville, TN

13-Knoxville, TN

25-Concord, NC

27-Atlanta, GA

October 2018

9-Ft. Lauderdale, FL

11-Tampa, FL


Make sure you reach out to your reps, and don’t less this opportunity pass you by!